About Us

We, Sang Yick, was established in 1984. We have been serving the local food industry for years and formally registered as Sick Yick Foods Company Limited on the 1st April 2004. Being aggressive but moderate as our business philosophy, we have become one of the leading frozen food suppliers in Hong Kong from scratch. Our sales involve thousands tonnes of poultries beef, pork, frozen vegetables, seafood and processed food etc., reaching the local, Macau and South China Markets. We have been a long time business partner to many local agents, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, wet markets and chain fast food groups.

We have established a solid supplier network and built a strong relationship with them, guaranteeing direct imports from the origins, which assures food safety and competitive prices. Since 1998, Sang Yick has a tremendous opportunity to become an agent of Perdue’s Chicken Franks in South PRC Region. We are now one of the major partners of Perdue in Asia. Besides, Sang Yick has established valuable relationship with major food exporters in Japan and achieved another milestone for being a leading importer of Japanese frozen food in Hong Kong.

We focus on the frozen food sector of the industry and have become one of the registered food importer and distributor on the centre for food safety of Hong Kong, but we do not stop from there. Instead, we keep exploring for more food exporters around the globe and introduce latest food safety standards, such as the “No Anti-biotics Ever” standard for chicken related products, ensuring best quality choices for our customers.